Quilt Gallerie

Cross and Crown Quilt

Tree of Life (oder Paradise-Tree) Quilt

Poststamp Quilt

Improv Quilt 

Little Trees Quilt

Weathervane Quilt

Something with Red Quilt

Weekend Quilt

Sweet Baby Girl Quilt

Sweat Baby Boy Quilt

?? Quilt

Churn Dash Quilt

Red Flying Geese Quilt

?? Quilt

This not That Quilt

Picnic Quilt

?? Quilt

Denyse Denyse Quilt

Sprin Garden Quilt

Red and Blue Quilt

Japanese Quilt

Scrappers Delight Quilt

Coloured Stars Quilt

Lemonade Quilt

Poststamp Quilt

Granny Squares Quilt

Summerdays Quilt

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